november 15, 2008

EULAR Autumn Conference for PARE in Budapest

Hi everybody :))))) Since last entry to my blog was long time ago that´s because I didn´t had a time for this....sorry, but anyway now- I decided to write in english because I have many new friend all over the Europe. (Sorry my english, it´s not so good, but hope u understand what I need to tell).
Let´s start with Tom from Germany, Berlin- best city in the world as he said :)))))) Yes, I been twice in Berlin and he´s right, Berlin is one of most best city in the world...but after London and New York :)))))))))), sorry Tom :)))))) I really hope that we´ll meet soon in there or somewhere else.
Next person who need to introduce is Anna from Sweden, Malmö, she nice and openminded girl, really, I remember if we came from Moulin Rouge back to Hotel she tryin´ to sing a song and she told that she can´t walk on the street and do singing on the same time, she is blond....:))))))) ha-ha-ha, probleby I´m blond too..... But she´s very like me, funny, smily etc.....
Patric from Austria, ha-ha-ha, he´s funniest dude that I ever met, really.....:)))) he did so much laugh me and other members of our tour btw Moulin Rouge and Hotel, he´s great!
Signe from Latvia, she´s so silent but also nice, shall we dance all night long, again? :)))))))
Nicola from Austria and Julie from Denmark, they both are great too.....and hope we´ll see soon :)))))))
Sessilie from Norway (where u disappear when we went to MR? :))))))) smile :))))
Let´s back to work and all the best, visit also my orkut page: and searchin´ my name: marek jaakson and u´ll find much more from me.....:)))) smile and hugs all of u!!!! :))))))))))))))))
NB! Sorry for that bad quality of pic....:(((((

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