aprill 27, 2009


Hi again!
Time is goin´ and goin´ and goin´ :))))) Yes, I have been busy times over here :)) But just few words Playboy party in Tallinn, where I been :)))) First of all, Estonians and playboy, believe me, it doesn´t match...really.....I thought that if u hear "playboy" it´s sometin´ erotical, sexy etc. thing with r´n´b & hip-hop music.... but no.... in estonians way it´s country.....yes, it´s sucks...really... but here little pic from this V.I.P. with some bunny girls and my best friend marju marynel kuut :)))))
Please visit : http://www.elu24.ee/?id=108918 for mor pics :))))

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