mai 16, 2009

I´m in love with a fairytale

Hello again dear my friends all over the Europe....right I´m in love with fairytale :))))) and yess, I like Norway song in Eurovison "Fairytale" it´s funny, good melody and offcourse Alexander seems nice dude too or what :))) I decided to give my vote to Norway. It is very nice song. Maria Haukaas- "Hold on be strong" was very nice song too, last year. I have lot of works to do and thanx for that I didn´t have time to write a blog....but I should do it cause so many things was I saw my dearlin Kristel in Stockmann 5th floor. I went with Annely to take a lunch and exact the same time was sittin´there Kristel and I was just stand and holdin´ my platter in my hands and just ogle at Kristel :)))))) It was so nice to meet her.....Luv u dearlin´!

Years ago when, I was younger
I kinda like a girl I knew
She was mine and we were sweethearts
That´s was then but then it´s true
I´m in love with a fairytale
Even though it hurts
Cause I don´t care
If I lose my mind
I´m already cursed

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